Starting children with a healthy diet at a young age can help them develop good eating habits for life.


At Sunbeams, we offer a healthy, varied diet based on current dietary advice for pre-school children. We provide breakfast for our early children, until 8.45am. We offer a range of sugar-free cereals, toast and milk or diluted fruit juice.

We provide twice daily snacks that are planned around our main meal choice. These are healthy choices such as fruit, rice or oat cakes or ham and crisp bread. We provide milk once a day to drink and ask that children bring in bottles for accessible drinking water throughout the day.

Our main meals are done on a five week rota and aim to give your child a variety of foods, including fish, poultry, vegetarian and red meat options. We also aim to incorporate the majority of their five a day fruit and vegetables in to the nursery day. We also provide a dessert that is mainly fruit or milk based.

We also cater for dietary requirements, food intolerances and allergies. Please discuss with staff and we will ensure a suitable menu.

Whilst we do not provide tea for children, they are welcome to bring a snack or a lunch box to have at 4pm to keep them going until home time. Please ensure this does not need re heating.

If you choose to bring a lunch box for your child, please look at the following link for advice on healthy lunch boxes