Learning Ladybirds Room

for children aged 2.5 years to school age

Learning Ladybirds covers children from two and a half years to school transition age. We have two large rooms equipped for a range of play opportunities, covering all areas of the EYFS curriculum. We aim to help children construct, create, engage in imaginative play and above all, have fun through learning. There is ample time given daily to choosing their own activities and adults give support to extend and develop their ideas. We introduce themes, based on children’s interests and plan activities based on this. 


We have a good routine to help children prepare for school and incorporate regular circle and story times, hand washing and snack times and indoor and outdoor play. We place an emphasis on developing independence by encouraging self-help skills, such as using toilets, putting on coats and shoes and pouring own drinks at snack time. Adults are always on hand to offer support and praise and help children to develop these skills.

We feel it is important to help our Learning Ladybirds develop their social skills and encourage kind behaviour, understanding of each other’s differences and respect for the natural world. These aims are encouraged daily and incorporated into our activities.

To book an appointment to visit, call us on 01594 541054

What should I provide?

  • Please provide a spare set of clothes and at least three sets if potty training. If your child is in nappies please provide enough for each day or a pack to leave in the changing cupboard.

  • Please ensure your child has a labelled water bottle with water only in it. It is an OFSTED requirement that children have accessible drinking water throughout the day.


  • Please encourage your child to put their water bottle in the drinks tray in the morning and pick it up at the end of the day.


  • Please ensure any food is labelled clearly and given to a member of staff to store in the fridge.

  • As children have access to the hallway and their bags, please ensure no items are left in bags that could cause a risk, such as medication and creams. If these items need to be at nursery, please hand to a member of staff for safe storage.

  • Please provide practical clothing and suitable outdoor clothing for the weather year round.

  • We prefer that children do not bring in toys from home as we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage. If children do have a comforter, please ensure it is labelled.