Learning Ladybirds Dene Magna visit

On Monday 11th February, we are having a visit from Dene Magna students who are taking part in a childcare course. They will be planning activities for the children to do and observing how they respond. This will be supervised by Sunbeams staff. I am going to Dene Magna this week to talk to the students about planning and observations and looking at suitable activities for our Learning Ladybirds. As part of this visit, they will take photos to record what they have planned. These will be used for their coursework and may go to the examining board for this course. Dene Magna staff have assured me they will not show children’s identity- it will be hand or back of head photos. We will check to ensure this is the case. This is a great opportunity to work with Dene Magna school and I am sure our children will enjoy the activities. If any parents would prefer their child not to be in photos for this, please let me know.

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